Casting Couch X Presents Jessie Law

Harvard is an Ivy league college, but for Jessie Law pursuing a career in the sex industry is the only thing that makes her sense. She wants to bring down the walls that make sex such a taboo subject even in modern day society. Spreading love and respect is her goal.

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She likes rough sex, whether she is the one being in control, or the submissive one. And that on its own is already makes her sound yummy and interesting. Once she has her clit played with and rubbed she gets very restless as she squirms and moans.

Sticking a finger up her ass while screwing her doggystyle will not make her freak out, if anything it will make her want you ever more. Jessi Law is a smart educated girl, but she can turn into a fiery slut in split second if you treat her right.
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