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Not everyone knows how the porn business works but every girl that wants to do porn has to be interviewed and audition to make sure they can handle the job just like any other acting job. Of course most girls think just because their boyfriends tell them they are hot and great in the bedroom they can be pornstars but the truth is that to make porn it takes certain skills and abilities most girls do not have. Of course basic skills like being on time and sober when going to a porn shoot are very important and you would be amazed how many girls show up late or with their bfs/dads/sisters/brothers/aunts/etc I mean why would you bring those people to a regular job at best they are going to be a distraction on a porn shoot and worse they will make the girl nervous. Being great at sex and open minded is good but also willing to take directions and the ability to stop and restart fucking while hot bright lights and cameras are focused on you and multiple people are watching are all major factors that can make a good pornstar or a one time slut. Cameron Dee thinks she has what it takes to be a pornstar so she is interviewing and auditions with Casting CouchX for her first time in the adult world.


Cameron Dee shows up to Casting Couch X on time and looking alert and perky with a tight top that shows her cleavage, faded blue jeans and her long blonde hair flowing down her back and over her shoulders. Initial assessment is that she might be a good pornstar, everyone loves a blonde girl and her bright blue eyes with a white smile scream all American girl that usually sells well in porn. Her choice of outfit says she knows her tits are an ASSet that she should show off but her more conservative jeans and long sleeve shirt says she isn’t a street walking whore that uses crack, always a preference.

The start of her interview she is sitting on the Casting Couch answering questions. Cameron sounds articulate and fairly intelligent for a blonde bombshell so maybe she will make a good pornstar… She answers why she is at the interview stating that she likes the male talent and wants to have sex with them. She is a bit shy at first but opens up answering questions about her sexual history and preferences including that while she is sexual active but hasn’t found a partner she wants to stick with. She claims she isn’t bisexual or lesbian but that she does enjoy other women and threesomes are one of her favorite sex times.

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Since Cameron Dee seems to have an aptitude for sex and obviously is attractive enough to be a pornstar the interview moves off the couch and onto the audition part of finding out if she is pornstar material. She drops to her knee’s and starts sucking the interviewers cock, getting him hard and ready to test her pornstar skills possibly pushing her to her sexual limits on this first test.

Cameron lays on the casting directors desk spreading her legs and letting the male talent slide his hard cock into her tight shaved pussy. As she is penetrated she lets out a moan and continues to makes sexy noises as the cock slams in and out of her vagina. Her sounds are sexy and not too loud, potentially a good pornstar.

After this warmup Cameron is put on all fours and the cock is reinserted into her wet pussy. To test her ability to handle new sexual situations the male talent also jambs his thumb in her pink ass hole. Most girls flinch and pull away at the first touching of their buttholes but Cameron just keeps fucking letting the thumb slide all the way to the knuckle in her tight poopshoot.

Finally Cameron Dee climbs on top of the male talent and rides his stiff dick with her pussy grinding on him as she moans in pleasure and works towards an orgasm. The audition ends with Cameron on her knee’s getting a messy cumshot facial. Most girls don’t like getting cum splashed on their faces but pornstars have to at least act like they love it and Cameron seems to pass the test. Maybe you will see more of her soon!?

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