Casting Couch X Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova was introduced to porn by her good friend Dasha. Looking at her body sitting on the couch she looks so shy and innocent and as she explains her sexual history you find out she really is not too experienced. Claiming only ten other non porn sex partners she hasn’t fucked around too much though she does admit to fucking on a first date so she is kind of easy.

Mia explains her interests in porn and what she is willing to do. She admits to having done anal sex in the past and that she actually enjoyed it at the time but she seems unsure about doing it on camera. Enough talking this hottie is just making my cock hard sitting clothed and talking. Her shortish dirty blonde hair looks freshly done at the hair salon but I’m sure it will be messy by the end of this sex scene.

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As Mia strips naked you can tell she loves being nude and her big white smile lights up the room. She bends over spreading her butt cheeks exposing her pink asshole and shaved pussy to the camera for the first time. Mia enjoys getting her pussy licked, moaning in pleasure as she lays spread on the couch. Finally Mia gets into the real hardcore porn shoot, on her knees looking at the camera deepthroating a cock she starts to look like a real porn girl. Mia gets fucked hard in various sex positions before getting a big white cumshot all over her face. She laughs in the post sex interview with her facial covered face.

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