Casting Couch X Casana Lei in the office

Casana Lei shows up to a casting call in LA, not really sure what to expect. This tall brunette beauty has model good looks and is only eighteen so she does not really have much experience in the world. She knows she is supposed to do an adult film of some sort and while she is not really happy about the idea she has bills to pay and refuses to beg her parents to help her.

Obviously being only eighteen she thinks she knows what she is doing and wants to prove to everyone she can survive on her own. Well of course she can survive she is a sexy teen girl, only problem is she might have to do things she did not really plan on like getting naked and sucking a dick or two to pay her rent. That’s the great thing about girls that come to LA trying to be models or thinking they can find easy work, eventually the real world smacks them in the face and they forget their morals and decide they will do anything to earn some easy money.

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After arrival at the casting couch Casana Lei quickly is stripped naked and drops to her knees giving her first blowjob on camera.  She seems adept at sucking dick but gets a little instruction about looking at the camera.  After the BJ gets him hard Casana Lei is laid on the desk and fucked hardcore with a quick rhythm she seems to enjoy based on the moans and squeals she gives out as she is penetrated. She gets stood up and bent over the desk giving a great view of her natural tits swinging in the air and brushing against the desktop as her gets fucked from behind.  Finally Casana Lei is told to ride his cock and then pushed back onto her knees for a messy facial cumshot.

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