Casting Couch X Jessica & Porschea

Two young girls are auditioning for a place in a porn movie. One is a blonde, the other brunette. They are both naked, displaying their sexy tits and tight pussies. The guy carrying out the audition is stood with his pants down as both girls are eagerly touching him. The blonde girl pulls down his boxer shorts and takes his flaccid cock in her hands. Placing in her mouth she delights as she feels it getting harder. The brunette sinks to her knees and joins in with the sucking.


The guy then lays the blonde girl on his desk and pushes his recently sucked hard cock into her young, tight pussy.  He pushes the brunettes head down t kiss her blonde compatriot.  His thrusting get harder and deeper and the passions intensify.  He pulls out his hard dick and presents it to the brunette to suck.  She relishes the  dick, with its mixture of the blondes pussy juice and pre cum.

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It is now the Brunettes turn on the desk.  She lays back, spreading her legs to show her fine pussy that glistens in anticipation as she awaits her audition.  He enters her and pushes his cock in hard.  Banging at her cunt , she squeals with excitement.  The guy calls the blonde over and with little encouragement gats her to squat over the other girls face and get her pussy licked.

She places her and down her body and rubs her clit as the cock continues to crash home.  He flips the brunette over and fucks her hard, his throbbing dick stretching her cunt as it slides in and out.  As his balls begin to tighten he pulls out his cock and places it into the blondes mouth, shooting her seed deeply into her throat that she greedily swallows down.

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